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Arctic Ingredient clinically tested to reshape your silhouette



The numbers regarding overweight and obesity in western countries continue to grow, and bring with them important associated health diseases, raising the risk of mortality. The weight management is now a matter of public interest; in the USA obesity has increased from a range of 14% in 1990 to more than 25% in 2007*. In 2010 35% of European children aged between 5 and 17 is overweight while 5% is obese**. One of the most important factors that influence body weight is the lifestyle, and especially the dietary habits. Recently re-discovered, the Metabolic Syndrome (from here MS) is being more and more diagnosed in overweight people: it is a complex disorder comprising dyslipidemia (high triglycerides and low HDL cholesterol), central adiposity, high blood pressure and insulin resistance and the co-presence of 3 out of this 5 positive indicators means to be positive to MS. The main trait of the MS is central adiposity, which alone can be predictive of the future onset of health diseases. Central adiposity is linked with the increase of visceral fat, the one around internal organs and the most dangerous. To mitigate these negative effects, people affected by MS are advised to change their lifestyle, to follow a healthier diet, and to start training regularly. In addition to this, the use of specific dietary supplements, mainly if seaweed based, could be of help in modulating appetite and some parameters associated with CVD and diabetes.

*From: Business Insights. Source: CDC Behaviour Risk Factor Analysis System
**From: Business Insights. Source: Jackson-Leach and Lobstein 2006

Brown seaweeds contain many bioactive molecules with no counterpart in terrestrial plants, and thus have been extensively studied in many biological and medical fields, including their possible role in counteracting overweight and obesity. Many scientific studies, especially in vitro, found a connection between seaweeds actives and a positive effect in reducing fat accumulation, especially by the action of fucoidans, phlorotannins and algal carotenoids.

Algea is a Norwegian company with a history of over 75 years and it is one of the worldwide leading companies in the harvesting and manufacturing of seaweed-based products. Algea selected Ascophyllum nodosum, because this seaweed undergoes strong climate stress due to being alternatively exposed to the sun and bad weather and immersed into freezing Arctic waters, it is rich in active components of the highest quality and purity. The quality of our seaweed-based products comes from the ability to maintain their natural properties, using a methodology that brings together sustainability and scientific know-how. This entails thorough knowledge of Arctic algae, even before harvesting. Having studied life cycles and the composition of active ingredients according to the seasons, the place of collection and climate conditions, we know how to choose the most appropriate time and place to harvest the seaweed. This is how we developed...In order to continue reading this article please register to our website – registration is for free and no fees will be applied afterwards to download contents.

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