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Continuous-flow reactors for the rapid evolution and validation of kinetic motifs

Christopher A. Hone, Richard A. Bourne, Frans L. Muller*

*Corresponding author

Institute of Process Research and Development (iPRD),

School of Chemistry and School of Chemical Engineering,

University of Leeds, Leeds, LS2 9JT, United Kingdom

Picture on the left: Christopher A. Hone

KEYWORDS: Continuous processing, flow chemistry, kinetic motif, scale-up, high value chemical manufacture, optimisation.

ABSTRACT: In this paper we apply the concept of a kinetic motif as a simple way to represent all the time-dependent behaviour in a single-step or multi-step reaction system. Small-scale continuous-flow reactors offer the potential to rapidly collect large amounts of data while accessing conventionally challenging experimental conditions. The scope of the approach is demonstrated on reaction case study examples.



Continuous processing technology is transforming the way that fine chemicals are manufactured (1). Compared to batch technology, continuous-flow reactors offer many advantages in terms of safety, control and quality for chemical manufacture. The advantages of flow chemistry for chemical discovery and manufacture have recently been reviewed (2-3). The recent uptake of continuous processing in the fine chemical industry needs to be supported by strategies which minimise the risk associated with continuous-flow scale-up (4). The scale-up approach used by the bulk and commodity chemical sectors is to obtain the process rates at the small-scale and then use this to support equipment and process design (5). This activity is seldom used by the high value chemical manufacturing sector. The generation of a robust process model is in key...In order to continue reading this article please register to our website – registration is for free and no fees will be applied afterwards to download contents.

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