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New in silico tool to predict the SPF value of your formulations

ABICH is a laboratory that has acquired a strong background in SPF assays, testing hundreds of suncreens every year. In order to help Sunscreen R&D specialist to achieve the target protection of their formulations, ABICH has developed a software that integrates the absorption spectra of most available filters in order to reconstruct an estimate of the expected in vivo SPF of a complex product.


The user-friendly spreadsheet can be freely accessed at the following link by registering on the ABICH website:


Once registered, it is enough to insert the percentage of each filter that you wish to employ in the appropriate column, and the software will calculate an estimate of the SPF label, theoretical SPF and UVApf, and the expected SPF/UVAPF ratio. The spreadsheet can be easily used to modulate the values in order to obtain the target UVA and UVB protection by adjusting the percentages of each filter.


The simulator provides a slightly overestimated result to compensate the interaction among other ingredients and the filters that may compromise the in vivo result.


The protection of physical filters (like Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide) is based on the most common sized molecules. Nano versions of these filters usually provide a significantly higher performance (i.e. 20 to 40% more), resulting in the simulation underestimating the real SPF. Although the software is designed to provide a reliable estimate of the SPF, in vivo conditions may be altered by secondary factors such as formula boosting raw materials. The opposite may also happen if other ingredients (like...In order to continue reading this article please register to our website – registration is for free and no fees will be applied afterwards to download contents.

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